The treasury of the Cyreneans

The Treasury of the Cyreneans, 3D reconstruction
© Ephorate of Antiquities of Phocis, Ministry of Culture and Sports

The latest treasury in the sanctuary of Apollo was that of the Cyrenaeans, dated to 334-322 B.C. It is a Doric building, distyle in antis, with inscriptions carved on the lower parts of the antae.

The Treasury of the Cyrenaeans was probably the last treasury to have been built within the sanctuary of Apollo. It dates to 334-322 B.C. and it was erected right next to the eastern part of the precinct, on a limestone crepis consisting of three steps. It was built in the Doric order, distyle in antis with a vestibule and a cella. Its construction material was marble from Paros and from Mt. Pentelikon. In the interior of the antae were attached semi-columns. The roof was made of marble and its sima bore gutters in tubular and leonine forms. On the north anta, an inscription is engraved, offering the promanteia to the Cyrenaeans on behalf of the city of Delphi, as a reward for a load of wheat they had offered during a famine. In front of the treasury, which was oriented towards the temple of Apollo, there was a small square; to the south the foundation of a building has been discovered, formerly identified as the prytaneion of Delphi. However, judging from its size, it probably had a different function.

Text - Translation: Dr. Aphrodite Kamara, Historian